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Mountain Lion Hunts

Our mountain lion hunts are conducted November through March and can be the most enjoyable, exciting and fun hunt you'll ever experience. Your day begins at first light searching for fresh lion tracks. Our world class lion dogs are highly trained to run and catch lions in variable habitats, whether it is on dry ground or in snow conditions. We never tire of listening to them strike and trail a fresh track.

Weather can be extreme during these months. The better physical condition that the hunter is in will go a long way in increasing the success rate of the hunt. When the dogs push the lion into rough country, the hunter should be prepared for some tough hiking.

Our staff is committed to providing each of our clients with a truly memorable outing, be it for first timers or experienced hunters. If you get your lion early in the hunt and want to take a bobcat, we'll do our best to facilitate that catch as well.


5 Day Lion Hunt: $8,000 
Bobcat Hunt: $3,000

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