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Dogs for Sale

To produce a well-balanced hound, it is important to be honest when grading the hounds that you have. Making excuses for failure is not going to make a dog or a hunter any better, and it is certainly not going to catch more game. A dog may have all the grit in the world, but if they have no nose and will not tree they are not going to make a big game hound.

We strive to get the most of each desirable trait. A big game hound needs to have; enough nose to find a track, enough brains to trail it up, enough speed to overtake it, enough drive to pursue as long as it takes, enough grit to make it bay or tree, and the tree-power to stay locked down until the hunter arrives. They have to be smart, I want a dog that is able to think and figure things out for him/herself they should be able to figure out where the animal went. We truly believe that there are good hounds in all breeds and it is a matter of the owner finding a bloodline that he prefers. Color does not matter all bloodlines have good and bad. Each hunter has different requirements in their hounds, but the main requirement is that the hunter feeding the hound is satisfied.


"I am addicted to hound hunting and I strive to hunt the best hounds. My addiction is my passion. " -Travis Kruckenberg


We have a few started hounds for sale
Call for availability and pricing.


*All pictures of bears in trees and with hounds are from recreation hunts in other states. We do not offer Colorado bear hunts with hounds. We run these hunts as exclusive spot and stalk hunts.

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