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Colorado Black Bear Hunts

Our bear hunts are conducted in Western Colorado. A majority of the bears we see have cinnamon and or blonde colored hides. Our bears are averaging over five and a half feet in length and average 250 to 300 pounds in weight. We have seen and taken bears pushing seven feet in length and weighing over 400 pounds.

Our five day bear hunts run concurrent with other big game hunts, but can be booked separately. These hunts are generally conducted 1x1 and include full accommodations. Licenses can be purchased over the counter for a hunt during the regular deer and elk seasons in Colorado, going on sale in July. To draw for the early season you must apply through the Colorado Division of Wildlife draw. Our greatest successes have come during the early season. In September, almost all of our hunting is done either sitting over water holes or glassing large meadows and canyons. Due to the heat this time of year, bears tend to frequent water holes to drink and cool off. If a hunter has the patience, they can expect to see several bears in a day's sit.

You will see pictures on our website of bears that have been caught by hounds and treed, these pictures are of pursuit hunts in Utah. We do offer bear hunts with hounds in Utah. Colorado bear hunts are exclusive spot and stalk hunts.


5 Day Bear Hunt: $4,000

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